SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol

SIP in its simplest form, is telephone lines over the internet. When you place a call, your phone system typically communicates with the carrier over older copper connections that, due to age, may be costly or unreliable. SIP, however, uses your internet to make that connection.

While capable of handling digital multimedia such as documents, SMS (text messaging), VoIP (Voice over IP), and video; SIP can also be converted to handle all your legacy systems’ needs, including traditional fax, POTS, PSTN and PRI.

Whether you are looking for a more cost-conscious telephone service, an upgrade to the telephone system you currently have, or higher reliability; SIP offers significant cost savings over traditional telephone service. By coupling your new SIP service with Stratus Fiber Internet, you will enjoy faster, more secure communications that you can rely on.



SIP Trunking Advantages

  • Competitive rates
  • Reduced service cost
  • Increased Security
  • Converged Voice & Data
  • Simple Billing
  • Multi-System Interoperability
  • 27/7 network surveillance and support

SIP Trunking Features

  • Line sharing over multiple locations
  • Enhanced Caller ID
  • Call Data Records
  • Remote locations with Local numbers
  • Supports Toll-Free numbers
  • Number Mobility
  • Priority call routing
  • Business Continuity

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