100% Business-Only Fiber Internet Faster — Connections, Greater Reliability, Local Customer Support


Built to Scale Internet —
Reliability and Secure Connectivity for
your needs today and into the future


Stratus is investing millions to bring
Fiber speed and reliability
throughout Illinois and beyond


Stratus Networks owns thousands of miles of fiber-optic technology serviced by those who live and work in your communities


Faster Connections

As a Stratus customer, you will take advantage of our faster, more reliable network access. With this access, you will increase your company's capabilities and productivity. This is made possible through our custom-built private fiber optic rings and our unique partnerships with carriers of all sizes.


Greater Reliability

Don't let a network outage leave your company in the dark. Work with Stratus to create an outage-proof network with a wireless backup that will keep your network up and running at all times.


Better Service

Based in Illinois, Stratus Networks is a boutique provider that offers white glove service to every customer, which includes a dedicated Project Manager and consultative technical support. We utilize our vast knowledge, experience and innovative approach to give you unmatched customer service.


A Simpler Solution

Whether your business has one location, or thousands, Stratus Networks will make the process of dealing with multiple carriers seamless. We'll manage quoting, installation, service, and the billing process, letting you focus on what’s most important--your business.


Accurate Billing

Billing errors will cost your business time and money. Stratus has developed an advanced and accurate billing system that provides you the right billing amount each cycle. If there is a mistake, our responsive customer service will make necessary corrections immediately.


Why Switch?

If bad customer service, billing errors, or unstable connections are impacting your business, give Stratus Networks the opportunity to show you how we improve the communications of businesses around the country and can do the same for your company.

Stratus Networks drives the communications of your business

June 4, 2024

Stratus Networks, the premier provider of business communications solutions in the Midwest, proudly announces its acquisition of Illinois Fiber Resources Group (iFiber), a respected leader in delivering high-speed fiber optic services across northwest Illinois.

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