While we still love our old fax machine, and the telephone line connected to it always seems to work, most of the time…maybe…sometimes… it is good to know that there are now newer options. Though faxing hasn’t changed much, the methods of communication utilized have evolved immensely.

At Stratus, we have several faxing options that will allow you to save over traditional fax line costs and utilize newer communication options for sending/receiving faxes. The chart below will help you decide which option is right for you.

Faxing Options Standard Faxing Standard ATA Faxing Advanced ATA Faxing Desktop Faxing
Uses Fax Machine Yes Yes Yes** No
HIPPA Compliant Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
Queue No No Yes Yes
Can Share Line Yes Yes No N/A
Fax to Email No No Yes* Yes*
Fax Portal Online No No Yes Yes
Stratus Data Connection Required Yes No No No
Reporting Available No No Yes Yes
Hardware Required*** Yes Yes Yes No
Page Limit None 30 pages 50 pages None

*Fax to email must be disabled if HIPPA Compliance is required.

**Send/receive faxes via fax machine or portal

***Hardware provided by Stratus

Faxing should not be complicated.

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