How Stratus Became a Fixture at Connor Co.


Company: Connor Co.
Contact: Julie Driscoll, Director of IT

Stratus Client Since 2007

The Connor Co. has a long history of successful business, beginning back in the Depression-era, 1936. While growing and evolving to offer plumbing, HVAC and Industrial PVF supplies and logistics, Connor Co. retains the strong family values and “stick-toitiveness” that got them through the early tough times.

Custom Solutions

Information Technology Director Julie Driscoll, first signed Connor Co. on with Stratus Networks in January of 2007, when it was time to upgrade their voice and data services. Stratus went to work designing a plan for MPLS and Internet, DNS, PRIs and telecommunications. “We chose Stratus Networks because of their local administration, sales and service team,” says Ms. Driscoll. “Having one point of contact for multiple services is a huge advantage for us – we’re not stuck between providers pointing fingers and wasting valuable time when outages service interruptions occur. Consolidated billing for all our locations, with an invoice that is easy to understand, was also important to us.”

The Stratus Difference – A Good Fit

Ms. Driscoll says her company recognizes and appreciates that Stratus “did not try to oversell us on services we didn’t need. Stratus understood that pricing, reliability and personal attention were important features to the company,” she explains. “And they delivered.”

Value Beyond Price

While Stratus was “aggressive in their pricing structure,” Ms. Driscoll points out, “Cost savings and speed are important, but the personal relationship is one of the biggest values that Stratus brings to the table.”

“Once you place a call or send an email to them,” she says, “you know the person on the other end is working hard to resolve any issue or question that we might have. They don’t pass you off to someone else.” “We’ve built relationships with their team throughout the years that you cannot build with other providers because of restructuring and the high rate of turnover. Stratus gives us personal attention and they are committed to helping us succeed.”

Getting In Touch With Connor Co.

If you’re interested in more details and want to reach out to Julie Driscoll, her business phone is 309-688-1068 and her email is