Flex Cloud – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Offering Cloud Computing at its finest, Stratus Flex provides Adaptability, Cost Transparency, Scalability, Ease of Use, and Top-Notch Security allowing you to move your servers to the cloud. Gone are the days of having a “data closet” in every office or workspace.

Stratus Flex uses 3 main components to accomplish this:

  • FlexCompute: Virtual servers in the cloud - Replaces your on-site servers.
  • FlexStorage: Virtual storage in the cloud – Replaces your on-site data storage and backup devices.
  • FlexLinQ: A high-speed, private, and reliable transport to access your virtual data and app storage

Built from the ground up with full integration of everything needed to deploy and manage cloud data centers, Stratus’ Flex Cloud provides Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Services allowing its platform to be utilized by SMBs and Enterprise sized customers with features like:

  • Fully Integrated Complete Stack
  • Securely Nested Multi-Tenancy
  • Data Center Automation
  • High Performance Elastic Storage
  • Unlimited on-demand Scalability

Our fully integrated Cloud Software Solution was designed with simplicity and ease in mind allowing us to build, deploy, and manage your cloud data centers and services quickly and efficiently. Talk to your Stratus Representative today to get started.

The Truth About Cloud Services


1. Money-01

MYTH: IaaS from the Big 3 always saves you money

TRUTH: Check your invoice! Their variable billing and add-ons cost much more than you anticipated. Flex Cloud is a flat-rate service, with no additional costs associated with processor use time or data transfer. Our guaranteed pricing is good for the life of your contract, making it easy to budget into your OpEx.

3-01. Stopwatch

MYTH: The Big 3 offer the fastest processing power available, all the time

TRUTH: Not so fast! Their processing speeds depend on which tier of service you have. You must contract for higher, more expensive tiers to get the speed you need. Flex Cloud has only one tier with the fastest SSD drives in the industry, with processing speed in single-digit milliseconds and very low latency on the AT&T network. You never pay more for powerful performance!

2-01. Lock

MYTH: All IaaS platforms operate the same.

TRUTH: The Big 3 lock you into their proprietary products that are difficult to migrate onto other providers. Flex Cloud is product-agnostic. We will build a private or public cloud for your organization that you can take anywhere if the need arises, without hassles.

4-01. Computer

MYTH: Your cloud, your rules, your control.

TRUTH: With the Big 3, you typically must conform your applications to their tiers, requiring you to use (and pay for) certain tiers to run your software. Flex Cloud’s IaaS enables you to run your cloud your way, with the flexibility you desire based on your organization’s needs.

Know the Facts Before You Sign!

Stratus Flex Cloud is an enterprise-grade, fully integrated, private cloud solution,
powered by AT&T. Flex IaaS provides unlimited on-demand scalability, excellent speed,
reliability, data security, and virtual storage for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Flex Cloud Advantages


High-Speed Private Transport


Low Latency


Cost Effective


Geo-Redundant Data Centers


Fixed Billing


Elastic Resources


User Controlled


Enhanced Security


Bring your own VM images


SPLA Windows Licensing


Flexibility and Reliability


Web-based Management

If you are unsure of which service is best for you, please reach out to your sales representative to discuss your options. If necessary, a sales engineer will assist in helping to determine the best data transport service for your needs. Call Today!

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