Better Banks Appreciates Better Service


Company: Better Banks
Contact: Daniel Fischer, IT Director

Stratus Client Since 2002

A network of banks that dates back as far as 1898, Better Banks prides itself on fulfilling early visionary Chip Backlund’s philosophy of continuously growing and evolving to fit customers’ needs.

Local is Better

Early on, IT Director Daniel Fischer, had been giving most of Better Banks’ telecom and internet business to a large national provider, but noticed Stratus bidding on multiple projects. “Over time, I came to appreciate Stratus’ product offerings,” he remembers. “Eventually we partnered.”

While Fischer works with many telecos and ISPs in the area “in one way or another,” he says, “I give Stratus every circuit I can because I consider them the best telecom partner available.”

He bases this evaluation on six key points: cost, responsiveness, local service presence, commitment to the community, appropriateness of the solution and scalability of the solution.

The Stratus Difference – Better Partnering

“In truth, though, I chose Stratus because the business relationship resembles more of a partnership,” Fischer continues. “The open partnering usually translates into solutions my business needs in creative and open ways that none of the multinational, monolithic phone companies could.”

Better Outcomes

Fischer likes to tell a story to illustrate what he means. “I was once stuck between Company A, who swore their network was perfect, and Company C, a routing company who swore their programming was flawless. Stratus stepped in, looked at both sides, and correctly pointed out an obscure problem with C. We had a resolution within hours and it was done for free. Who else could I have even called?”

Better Value

“Cost certainly matters,” Fischer affirms, “but I can’t stress the value of the partnership and the commitment Stratus shows to our success.”

He guarantees that every Stratus employee knows he holds them accountable for their performance. “But I can also guarantee they deliver that performance in ways you simply have to respect.”

A Referral from Better Banks

Mr. Fischer and his team members at Better Banks would be happy to share more Stratus success stories with you. Contact Better Banks at 309-272-1000 or use the contact form at www.betterbanks. com/about-us/contact-us.html.