Wireless Backup

Keep Your Network Online with Stratus Networks' Wireless Backup

How does your business react to network downtime? Are you protected against network outages, or is downtime costing your business time and money?

A wireless backup can keep your network online during an outage, allowing your business to keep moving forward without delays.

Wireless Backup from Stratus Networks

Don't let downtime negatively impact your business. A Stratus Wireless Backup will keep your entire company connected at all times. Our Wireless Backup automatically detects when your network is unavailable and in need of re-routing to your backup connection, protecting against an outage without needing a physical interaction.

What is a Wireless Backup?

A wireless backup serves as an automatic failover when your network is unavailable, keeping your network accessible and preventing the negative impact of a potential outage.

Stratus Wireless Backup options include:

  • Internet and MPLS Network Access
  • Private Network Connectivity Using an LTE Connection

Keep Your Network Online at All Times with the Right Wireless Backup from Stratus Networks.