Seamlessly, rapidly, and securely connect multiple business locations with Stratus MulitLinQ. By utilizing architecture that prioritizes traffic based on your needs, your data flow is streamlined between locations via a secure connection that avoids the public internet domain. MultiLinQ provides unsurpassed performance between your locations whether across the street or across the country. Think of it as your very own WAN (wide area network.)

MultiLinQ Internet

Providing the same service as MultiLinQ, while adding a public internet connection on top, MultiLinQ Internet allows one connection to carry both private inter-office data between locations as well as your public internet data. Handled by our CBFW (cloud-based firewall) all your data is sorted and prioritized to accommodate those needs.

MultiLinQ Two Port Internet

MultiLinQ Two Port Internet is similar to MultiLinQ with Internet, however it is done over 2 separate ports rather than a single demarcation point. This allows for the Stratus on-site device to handle your private data connection between sites while giving you a separate port that you will manage with your own firewall solution. Put simply, Stratus will handle the private connection and you will handle the public connection.




Risk is dramatically reduced on a private network


Enhanced reliability via carrier-grade backbone


Custom solution tailored to your specific needs


Highly scalable for network expansion


Rapid response to changing network demands


Reduce outages with dynamic reconfiguration


Reduce redundancy requirements for individual locations


Combine with cloud services for a truly hands off experience

Discover How MultiLinQ Will Keep Every Branch of Your Business Connected.