Layer 2 Services

EPL (Ethernet Private Line) & EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line)

As legacy wired telephone P2P services such as T1’s become obsolete due to security and speed limitations; faster, more secure, higher reliability services become necessary. To keep data flowing, Stratus Networks deploys several technologies that efficiently and quickly move data from place to place.

Whether you are connecting to a server hub in another state or just need to send data across town, using the correct service can save you money, speed up your data transfers, provide for security of your data, and increase your overall business efficiency. Here are 3 options currently deployed by Stratus.



EPL (Ethernet Private Line)

Is a dedicated line of communication used to connect 2 locations. It is lower cost and allows you to manage your own connection using your own equipment. EPL allows the use of any VLANs or ethernet control protocols without coordination with Stratus.

EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line)

Like EPL, EVPL is a dedicated line of communication, however it may be used to connect multiple locations by connecting each end point to your NNI (Network to Network Interface.) Put simply, you are building a “Hub and Spoke” configuration. Used mostly in our Wholesale environment.

Common Advantages


Easy to Implement


Creates a Private WAN


Does not traverse the Public Internet


High Speed Low Latency Connection


Fast and Secure


Less Expensive than Private Lines


Consistent QoS (Quality of Service)


Layer 2 Service

If you are unsure of which service is best for you, please reach out to your sales representative to discuss your options. If necessary, a sales engineer will assist in helping to determine the best data transport service for your needs. Call Today!

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