Stratus Broadband Internet (SBI)

When broadband becomes critical, diversity is key!

Stratus Broadband Internet (SBI) is broadband internet provided by a diverse carrier to ensure connectivity in case of a fiber outage. Provided by a carrier partner, SBI gives you the security of knowing your internet connection is backed up by a secondary means to maintain continuity of service.

While being provided by another carrier, it is still managed, supported, maintained, and invoiced by Stratus.

Typically used in an SD-WAN environment or partnered with Stratus Secure Port (+), Stratus manages the fail-over should there be a fiber cut or other outage that affects your main internet access provided by Stratus.

Speeds may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and SBI supports DHCP and Static IP networks.

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Talk to your representative today about SBI and get peace of mind knowing that your internet is diversely backed up and managed by Stratus!