Secure Port


What would happen if your company lost internet for an hour? How bad would it be if you lost it for a couple of days? Whether it be from a fiber cut or a major equipment failure, Internet outages happen, and no provider is immune.

In today’s business world, communications do not flow without the internet. Whether an outage is mildly frustrating, or it completely stops you from operating mission critical services, a loss of internet is not good for your business.


Are you prepared for the inevitable outage or are you just hoping for the best?

This is where Stratus’ Secure Port steps in!

Secure Port can back up your Stratus services over a secondary connection. Whether those services are just an Internet circuit, a Layer 2 connection such as EPL or VPLS, or even your voice traffic, Secure Port will automatically “Fail-Over” to your secondary internet service with no interaction required by you. When the service interruption is over, Secure Port will automatically revert to your default connection. Partner your Secure Port with Stratus Wireless or Stratus Broadband Internet (SBI) for a comprehensive solution to keep you up and running should something happen to your primary fiber circuit.


  • Can utilize any bandwidth for backup (wireless, layer 2, broadband, etc.)
  • Fully encrypted on primary and secondary paths
  • Support up to 500M of Throughput
  • Lower Failover times
  • Backup any data platform provided by Stratus
  • Can use any internet circuit including wireless
  • MSR (managed service router) provided and managed by Stratus
  • Automatic Failover and Return to Normal

Don’t allow an outage to stop your business in its tracks. Talk to a Stratus representative about Secure Port (+) and get piece of mind today.