Customer Testimonials

The Wilber Group

“I appreciate being able to speak to real people with real answers to real problems!”

Having acquired another company that already had Stratus as a provider, we found ourselves with two providers for fiber. Though we never really had a problem with our previous provider, after experiencing the responsiveness of Stratus’ customer service and our account executive, we decided to keep Stratus as our main provider.

Currently utilizing Express Connect to Microsoft Azure, Fiber internet, and a private line connection between facilities, it has been great being able to work directly with the Stratus engineers when necessary to ensure smooth operation. Being able to not only speak to a human, but the correct one when necessary was a “Breath of fresh air!”

Whether it be pricing, account management, or customer service, Stratus remains easy to work with, not mention their willingness to customize our service to us. This boutique approach gives us exactly what we need.

We also appreciate Stratus’ willingness to work through a problem with us to determine exactly where issues lie rather than just trying to sell us more bandwidth. This was especially true during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stratus assisted us in determining our bandwidth needs and made sure we had what we needed right from the start.

After seven years of working with Stratus, we remain happy that we chose to continue to work with them and so long as they keep that human touch will continue to do so.

- Jordan Brill

Junction City Equities

“Switching to Stratus out of frustration, we found a better service and have been happy ever since!”

We have been Stratus customers for several years now. Having heard of Stratus through our previous owner’s friendship with the CEO of Stratus, we were excited to realize we had another option for internet and phone service.

 We had been unhappy with our previous provider as the numerous outages and downtimes were affecting our shops’ bottom line. Being unable to ring up credit card sales or access important data due to outages all the time was unacceptable.

Our account executive was not only knowledgeable but was (and is) quick to respond to our needs. His attentiveness and expedience, along with a superior service, made the switch quick, easy, and worth it! Stratus being locally headquartered was a plus as well since we love supporting local businesses.

Stratus has changed our view of internet providers. With their competitive pricing, great speeds, and top-notch customer service, our frustration is gone, and we are happy to have made the switch. Stratus goes the extra mile to make their customers happy!

- Brittany Brashers


“Customer service takes great care of us!”

Using a bonded T1 from our old provider was no longer the best choice for us at NAEIR, so we began looking at our options for communications services and providers. While doing his research on providers, one of my coworkers found Stratus. Our biggest motivating factor for the move was the cost savings. This was in August of 2019, and we have been pleased ever since!

By using a dedicated fiber from Stratus, we were able to make our website hosting in house much smoother. Not only that, but uptime has increased dramatically. Now using their SIP on our Mitel system, Stratus has become our main communications provider.

In our time working with Stratus, we have had a few support issues here and there, but after emailing the NOC (Network Operations Center) our issues have been typically solved within minutes.

We appreciate the great service and customer care we receive from Stratus.

- Chris Houk

Capital City Pawn & Jewelry

“I wanted something different from the carrier I usually had to use. Until Stratus, they were the only option I had.”

I am from the Peoria area and was familiar with Stratus but had no idea they were available in Springfield. After receiving a referral through a friend, I jumped at the chance to try something new and replace my current carrier.

Wanting something different from the poor speeds, unreliability, and unimpressive customer service I had been experiencing, I was very happy to switch.

I now have my internet and hosted phones with Stratus and couldn’t be happier with their customer service and communication throughout the whole process.

- John “Danny” Winkler

Global Technical Systems Inc.

“Any company looking for a new communications provider would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t look to Stratus as an option!”

I have been working with Stratus since February of 2020. Out of desperation, we at GTSi started looking for a new communications provider who offered a more secure connection with better uptime and customer service that was actually helpful. Our previous provider lacked all three. Coincidentally, a Stratus representative reached out to us as we were looking for a new provider and brought their service capabilities to our attention.

Since they offered fiber to the premise, managed services, better customer service, and a higher degree of network reliability, while being a local provider, it seemed a “no-brainer” to move to Stratus as our main communications provider.

After moving forward and switching our service to Stratus we were pleased that our uptime was dramatically improved and if we did have an issue or outage their streamlined and effective customer support team took care of it quickly and professionally.

Currently using their data and SIP services has been a pleasing experience and as such we will be moving forward with their Secure Port service very soon.

We highly recommend looking at Stratus for all your voice, data, and cloud needs.

- Chris Ginder
President GTSi

Heritage Operations Group

“Heritage Operations Group is not just a number, and Stratus has proven they care about their business and the service they provide us.”

Having heard of Stratus by word-of-mouth, as well as knowing Stratus CEO John Petrakis through his involvement in Peoria-area leadership forums, we chose Stratus for Heritage Operations Group based on a combination of reputation and references. Stratus as a company was recommended by a very large healthcare provider here in Central Illinois as well. The fact that they are a local company was indeed a plus. Heritage Operations Group is a local, family-owned business and as such we recognize the need to support local business whenever possible.

Currently utilizing their fiber backbone for Private Networking and Internet, along with various Faxing and SIP/Voice services. Stratus treats us as more than a number! Stratus has proven they care about their business and the service they provide us.

With more than 50 senior care campuses across the state of Illinois, employing over 4,000 people, we utilize Stratus at the central office and across the skilled nursing and senior living facilities that we support. Stratus even offered additional services to us during the Covid-19 pandemic that impacted the healthcare and specifically senior care community greatly. Meeting our resident needs of virtual communication and telehealth during this trying time, at no charge, you cannot ask more from a partner!

- Jennifer S. Clyatt
SVP Technology & CIO

Orthodontics LTD

“Stratus has always provided us great service and that’s important when your business runs on its phones.”

We have been using Stratus for our phone lines and internet since before I started working here. Orthodontics LTD chose Stratus at a time when their previous provider was providing less than optimal service and the customer service was anything but stellar! Stratus was there for us and worked with us through the end of our previous provider’s contract so that we didn’t have to bear the brunt of cancelling mid contract and be held liable for the remaining contract balance.

Orthodontics LTD learned of Stratus through “word-of-mouth” and since they needed a better service with consistent uptime and excellent customer service decided to move forward with the switch.

We couldn’t be happier with the level of service we receive from Stratus, especially from the customer support team. Their communication is excellent, and we do not have the hassle of being rerouted from call center to call center trying to get to the right person.

We highly recommend Stratus!

- Keri Jones

Knox College

“Whether it be sales, installation, or customer service, from the top down we have been thrilled to partner with Stratus!”

Wanting to see some competition for communications in Galesburg, about 10 years ago we decided to give Stratus a trial run. Being one of the first customers in Galesburg, Stratus “planted” fiber in the ground all the way from Peoria to bring us onboard and we couldn’t be happier.

We started with a 50-megabyte connection and have over time increased that to a full gigabyte with redundancy and have also brought on Stratus SIP Trunking for our outbound call paths. Looking to the future, when we decide to go more “cloud based” with our technology, Stratus no doubt will be the first provider we call to work with.

The responsiveness, technical expertise. And customer service we receive from Stratus is absolutely amazing and I would say second-to-none! We cannot say enough good things about Stratus and the partnership we have created with them. We look forward to working with Stratus for many years to come!

- Kevin Kogut

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