COVID-19 Update

Hello Valued Clients,

We wanted to reach out regarding the current situation with COVID-19 and the Stratus position.

First, we want you all to know that Stratus has gone to great lengths to build a state-of-the-art, diverse network that will run and be managed under even the most difficult of circumstances. We also want to assure you that we are committed to doing as much as we possibly can to assist your company and your staff.

We realize that many of you are going to need to rely on remote applications and remote workers more than you ever have before. In effort to assist you with this, we are offering absolutely free bandwidth upgrades for any building that is served by Stratus Fiber until further notice. Please contact your Stratus representative if you need more bandwidth. Unfortunately, we can only offer this to buildings that Stratus has fiber into currently, but that is many buildings and we hope this will provide your company with some help.

Please forward this on to your internal colleagues as appropriate.

We are hoping and praying for everyone’s safety.

Take Care,
John Petrakis and Kevin Morgan
Owners, Stratus Networks

No fees will apply, period.

We are keeping a running list of upgrades. Once things settle down and get back to normal, we will communicate with the customer and determine next steps. There will be no charge to downgrade back to original bandwidth. If they want to keep the increase in place, we can discuss the cost to keep the added bandwidth and produce the proper paperwork.

Our DMARK devices can support up to 1G, there should be no need to upgrade unless they need to go beyond 1G, or there happens to be a Stratus managed router (which is rare for DIA).

We always monitor our capacity, and at this time we don’t see any issues with added demand on our core. We also want to keep away from any gouging per say, If a customer has 20M today, were not letting them go to 500M. We ask that together we use a common sense approach and provide the increased bandwidth that the customer will actually need.