Find the Right Colocation Partner with Stratus Networks

As your business grows, so does the amount of equipment and hardware you need and have to manage. But with Stratus Networks you have options, including the opportunity to utilize the resources of data centers to move space and energy-consuming hardware out of your business through colocation.

Colocation from Stratus Networks

Stratus Networks gives impartial colocation guidance, helping you find the right colocation provider to move servers and hardware offsite. To remain unbiased and to concentrate on the service that best fits your business, we do not own or operate our own data center facilities.

Each organization's needs are unique. Stratus will pair you with the best colocation partner after fully analyzing your current situation and creating a plan in line with your goals. We have developed strong and unique relationships with the leading data centers around the country. Combining our own fiber network with our valued partners’, we can help you get placed into a data center with the bandwidth requirements needed to successfully execute your business operations.

What is Colocation? 

A colocation, also referred to as a "colo," is a rental service in which a data center allows businesses to rent a fixed amount of space to store hardware and servers, giving them flexibility and an external location to house equipment outside of their physical business.

Get the Experience You Need to Find the Right Colocation Partner.